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AISITIN 5.5W Solar Fountain with LED Colorful Lights & 2000mAh Battery, Solar Bird Bath Fountains with 7 Nozzles & Bracket, Solar Water Fountain Pump for Bird Bath, Garden, Pond, Fish Tank and Outdoor

AISITIN 5.5W Solar Fountain with LED Colorful Lights & 2000mAh Battery, Solar Bird Bath Fountains with 7 Nozzles & Bracket, Solar Water Fountain Pump for Bird Bath, Garden, Pond, Fish Tank and Outdoor

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Color Black
Material Plastic
Special Feature solar bird bath fountain, solar fountain, solar powered fountain, solar pond fountain
Power Source Solar Powered

About this item

  • [✔Newly Upgraded Solar Fountain]: AISITIN 5.5W solar fountain is equipped with a newly upgraded solar chip that converts solar energy more efficiently. It works automatically within 3 seconds under direct sunlight, simple operation and high efficiency. This solar powered fountain requires no additional power supply and is very environmentally friendly.
  • [✔Battery & LED Colorful Lights]: The solar bird bath fountain has a built-in 2000 mAh battery that stores power in direct sunlight and powers the fountain on cloudy days or at night. The fountain comes with a LED colorful light ring that randomly switches light colors at night, presenting a colorful and unique water feature.
  • [✔7 Different Nozzles]: The Solar Fountain Pump for Bird Bath is equipped with 7 different nozzles, each nozzle has different spray height and spray shape, you can easily switch according to your preference. Suitable for bird baths, garden decoration, swimming pools, ponds, circulating water for oxygen supply.
  • [✔ 4 Anti-collision Brackets]: Solar water fountain with 4 anti-collision brackets prevents the solar fountain from moving to the edge of the bird bath when floating, quickly empties the water, so you can say goodbye to the hassle of frequently refilling the water.
  • [✔Protection System]: The Solar Water Pump adopts the latest "water shortage protector" system, which will automatically cut off the power supply and stop working when there is no water, which plays a role in self-protection. If the product is not used for a long time, it will enter the dormant state. Therefore, you need to activate it by putting it in the sun or bright daytime (at least 10000LUX of light) after the first time use or after a long period of non-use.

Product Description

AISITIN 5.5W LED Solar Bird Bath Fountains, The soul mate of the garden, Happy home for birds.

solar fountain
solar fountain pump for bird bath

Why choose AISITIN 5.5WLED Solar Fountain Pump?


  • The newly upgraded water shortage protection system and water blocking protection system are safer and have a longer service life.
  • Equipped with 2000mAh Storage Battery and 8 LED Lights, work longer and more beautiful at night.
  • The higher power Solar Panel reaches 5.5W, better absorb sunlight.
  • There are 7 spray modes, and the spray height can reach 50-60cm on sunny days.
  • 4 transparent Anti-Collision Rod to prevent drifting and let you say goodbye to the trouble of frequent water addition.


solar bird bath fountains

solar water fountain

Easily replace Nozzles, Install Anti-Collision Rod, Realize more scene applications.

solar fountain pump

Precautions for using Solar Water Fountain:


  • Please clean the water pump regularly to prevent the water pump from being blocked by foreign objects.
  • Do not make the pump work without adding water for a long time, otherwise the service life of the pump will be shortened.
  • If you need to use it on a cloudy day or at night, you need to make sure the Solar Storage Battery is charged to run. If the battery is fully charged, it can run continuously for 6 hours on cloudy days or at night.
  • When using the fountain for the first time, intermittent jet effects may appear. Please put the fountain into the water completely and wait for the air in the pump to exhaust before the pump can start to work normally.
  • Special Note: In order to ensure the safe transportation of the product, the product will enter a dormant state if it is not used for a long time. Therefore, after using the product for the first time or not using it for a long time, it needs to be placed under the light of the light intensity of 10000LUX (100W incandescent lamp, such as a flashlight) for more than 1 minute, to activate it, then put it in water to resume normal operation.
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