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Aux Bluetooth Adapter Car Stereo System, SONRU Bluetooth Receiver 5.0 Audio Adapter with Aux 3.5 mm RCA Cable Dual AUX Outputs for Car Radio Home Stereo System

Aux Bluetooth Adapter Car Stereo System, SONRU Bluetooth Receiver 5.0 Audio Adapter with Aux 3.5 mm RCA Cable Dual AUX Outputs for Car Radio Home Stereo System

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Connectivity technology Bluetooth
Controller type Drucktaste
Special feature Aux Bluetooth adapter for car radio, Noise reduction Bluetooth receiver, Bluetooth adapter stereo system, Double AUX output ports jack Bluetooth adapter, With RCA cable for old audio devices, Bluetooth receiver for home stereo system, Long working time car Bluetooth adapter, Easy setup Bluetooth adapter car
Compatible devices Headphones
connector-type RCA, 3.5mm Jack
Audio output mode 3.5 mm Aux
Colour Black, grey.
Control method App
Audio output type kopfhörer,lautsprecher

Product Description

BT1008 1

Wireless SONRU Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver for Stereo System Car Audio System Non-Bluetooth Speaker or Sound Systems

Upgrade your audio devices to Bluetooth at home or in the car. Enjoy your music wirelessly at any time. Built-in improved signal transmission circuit, fast connection, long distance, stable and continuous sound. Built-in AEC echo cancellation and ANC noise reduction circuits that make the sound quality pure and beautiful. Built-in microphone and a multi-function button allow you to answer a call with one button hands free, the ideal choice for driving.

Box contents:

Bluetooth receiver

3.5 mm audio cable (50 cm) 2 pieces

3.5 mm to RCA audio cable (50 cm)

Micro USB power cable

User manual

BT1008 21

BT1008 22

BT1008 23

Dual Connected

Two AUX output ports support audio output to two different sound systems. Meet your different needs.

Dual links

It can be connected to two phones at the same time.


When connecting to 2 phones, the first playback source is the standard source. If you want to change the playback device, you should first stop the current device and then play the other.

15 hours working time

Charging time is approx. 2.5 hours The working time is up to 15 hours when making calls and playing music. The standby time is approx. 7 days.

BT1008 31


BT1008 33

Product Introduction

1. First aux output port 2. Charging port 3. Microphones 4. Multifunctional button 5. Second aux output port

Small and portable

This AUX Bluetooth adapter is small and lightweight, making it very easy to carry. You can take it anywhere to enjoy music wirelessly!

Long distance

This Bluetooth receiver jack can receive music from up to 10 metres away, so you can control your music more comfortably.

bt1008 4

Steps to use:

(1) Press and hold the multifunction button for 3 seconds to turn on the adapter. It automatically switches to pairing mode and the indicator lights flash red and blue quickly.

(2) Open your phone's Bluetooth and search for Bluetooth devices near you.

(3) You will find the adapter "SR-B7" and then click "Connect" to pair it.

(4) If your phone is successfully connected to the adapter "SR-B7", the blue light will flash slowly.

(5) Connect the SR-B7 adapter to the speaker/home stereo with the aux cable, and you can enjoy music.

Please note:

(1) The product will turn off automatically when it is not connected for 10 minutes to save more energy for the product.

(2) This product is a Bluetooth receiver, not a transmitter. It is used for upgraded non-Bluetooth headphones or older speaker versions with Bluetooth function.

(3) It can only pair phone, pad and laptop with Bluetooth function.

(4) Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers cannot be paired.

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