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Beautlinks Electric Microneedling Pen 0-2.5 mm with 4 LED Lights and 6 Levels, Microneedle Skin Repair Tool for Face Skin Rejuvenation, Anti Acne, Anti Wrinkle (incl. 4 Needle Cartridges)

Beautlinks Electric Microneedling Pen 0-2.5 mm with 4 LED Lights and 6 Levels, Microneedle Skin Repair Tool for Face Skin Rejuvenation, Anti Acne, Anti Wrinkle (incl. 4 Needle Cartridges)

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Brand Beautlinks
Item form Pen
Material aluminium
Colour Gold
Number of items 1
Number of pieces 1
Unit count 1.0 stück

About this item

  • Innovative and effective skin care: our Beautlinks electric micro needles pen can be used with your suitable skin care products. It helps to promote the absorption of skin care essences, tighten and lift the skin to make the skin smoother. It also helps to minimise many common skin problems. You can enjoy good skin care at home at any time
  • Pack of 24 individually packaged cartridges: the micro-needling pen set comes with 24 individually sealed disposable micro-needle cartridges for optimum safety and comfort. It is very hygienic and practical, just replace the cartridge after each use. Includes 10 x 36 pin, 10 x 12 pin, 4 x nano round micro-needles; you can change the different cartridges depending on the treatment
  • 5 speed levels and adjustable adjustment wheel: the microneedling pen has 5 adjustable speed settings and an adjustable dial to satisfy the needs of different skin conditions and treatment areas. You can easily choose the appropriate speed level and length for your individual needs and clearly see the level on the LCD screen
  • Red and blue LED light: the micro needle pen is equipped with 2 different light colours for skin care. The red light promotes collagen regeneration and restores skin elasticity. The Blu-ray mainly helps repair rough and damaged skin and has a soothing effect on sensitive skin.
  • USB rechargeable and portable: the micro needle pen has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which can be easily charged anywhere via a USB charging cable. The stylish design and one-button operation are easy to use and carry. -

Product Description

Beautlinks Electric Microneedling Pen 0-2.5 mm

Red and blue LED light.

Microneedle skin repair tool for face

Electric Micronadel Pen USB Rechargeable

Red and blue LED light

You can easily switch the red or blue LED light by pressing the on/off switch twice as needed to enjoy skin care.

Non-slip adjustable dial

The adjustable dial features a non-slip design that allows you to easily adjust and stay in place, even if there is some water or skin care product on your hands during use.

USB rechargeable

With the rechargeable lithium battery, the micro needle pen can be charged at any time easily via a portable USB charging cable, making charging more convenient.

Electric Derma Roller Spiral Installation

Microneedling Pen 0-2.5 mm with LED Light

Compact and portable size

Spiral installation

It is very convenient to install and replace the micro needle cartridges. The perfect screw connection design is firm and easy to install.

Improve multiple skin problems

The micro needle kit promotes the absorption of your skin care products and helps you effectively relieve acne, scars and other skin problems.

Compact and portable size

The ergonomic and stylish design is easy to carry. You can simply put it in your cosmetic bag and enjoy professional skin care at home or when travelling.

Derma Roller Electric Microneedle Pen


Microneedle Adjustment Anti-Aging Skin Therapy Device Skin Repair Tool

Material: Aluminium alloy

Weight: 90g

Dimensions: 140 mm x 20 mm.

LED light: Red light and blue light.

Speed setting: 5 levels

Battery: Built-in lithium batteries, 3.7 V, 350 mAh.

Installation method: Screw mounting.

Dial Length: Approx. 0-2.0 mm adjustable

Working time approx. 200 minutes

  • Package contents:
  • 1 x Electric Microneedling Pen
  • 4 x  Needles
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x user manual (EN/DE/FR/IT).


1. Cartridges are disposable and not permitted for use with others.

2. Please fully charge the device before first use.

3. It must be gentle from 0.2 mm during the first start-up. Please adjust the length of the actual situation and slowly increase the speed and intensity.

4. Do not use on skin that has acne, eczema, sensitive, irritated, inflamed, open wounds, elevated moths or warts.

  • 5. Irritates cosmetics is prohibited from skin recovery, good work as sun protection. Please stop using if irritation occurs.
  • 6. Do not use under the eyelids or on the lips.
  • 7. Keep out of reach of children.
  • 8. Can be used with topical numbing cream and vitamin C serum according to your skin problems.

How to use the Microneedling Electric Pen
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