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Body Fat Scale, USB Rechargeable Digital Weight Bathroom Scales, CHWARES Smart BMI Scale with 13 Body Data, Electronic Scale for Body Weight with Bluetooth, 400lbs, Digital Bathroom Weight Scale white

Body Fat Scale, USB Rechargeable Digital Weight Bathroom Scales, CHWARES Smart BMI Scale with 13 Body Data, Electronic Scale for Body Weight with Bluetooth, 400lbs, Digital Bathroom Weight Scale white

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Color White
Special Feature Precision Balanced, Non Slip Platform, Backlit Display, High Weight Capacity, Smart
Weight Limit 180 Kilograms
Product Dimensions 10.24"L x 10.24"W x 0.79"H

About this item

  • High Precision Weighing Scale: This digital weight scale has 4 high precision sensors and 4 sensitive electrodes with 0.2lbs/0.1kg increments and 400lbs/180kg capacity, recording the data of your body indicators accurately. With a 6mm thick tempered glass plate of high quality, data on the LCD display can be clearly seen when standing on the scale with more comfort and safety.
  • Full Biometric Analysis: CHWARES digital body weight scale can obtain 13 important body metrics such as body weight & BMI, body fat, body water, body age, etc. Through bioelectrical impedance measurement technology, the body composition scale can monitor the changes of your various indicators and coach you to increase muscle or lose fat, rather than just recording the changes in body weight as a traditional one.
  • Tracking Changes in Body Data: Scale for body weight and fat, ideal for those who trying to lose weight or focusing on health. Setting goals and tracking progress through data graphs to check body data, you can keep fit in a comfort way. The FITDAYS app provides detailed graphs and saves historical data to track changes over days, weeks, months and even years. Suitable for bodybuilding, weight loss, teenagers, etc.
  • Easy to Use: CHWARES scales for body weight and fat are easy to set up and use, adopted advanced technology, only need to step on with no more annoying sound of "click and wait". The smart will tell the result few seconds later. The digital bathroom scale include low-battery indicator and an auto shut-off function after 15s of inactivity. Rechargeable, available for three months with a full charge.
  • Sync with Health Apps: You can download the FITDAYS app for free on IOS or Google Store, which can easily sync with other fitness apps like Apple Health, Google Fit and more. By 1 smart scale for body weight, unlimited profiles up to 24 users of your families and friends can be created on the app. If you have any questions about the product or its use, you can contact us through our after-sales service, and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.
  • Product Description


    Why Choose CHWARES digital scale for body weight?

    Compared with the other scales digital weight on the market, the CHWARES CH310 body fat scale has these advantages:


    • -Equipped with Accurate Sensors: Gives you the most accurate of your body data.
    • -Powerful App for Daily Progress Tracking: Keep tracking the progress of your health plan.
    • -Rechargeable and No Batteries Needed: No more batteries needed, safe and convenient.
    • -Sleek and Durable Design: The anti-slip foot, round corner and tempered glass make it more durable to use.



    Weight scale

    Digital scale

    Personal Coach

    Like a fitness coach, guiding you to reach the setted goals step by step by motivating you to complete further in a more interesting and scientific way.

    Progress Tracking

    The app provides detailed charts and trends of 13 body composition metrics over days, weeks, months, or even years. It can also sync data to fitness apps like Google Fit, Apple Health and so on. Track and manage your health or share your achievements with friends anytime,anywhere.

    Support Multiple Users

    The App supports up to 24 users for your families and friends with only one smart weight scale, automatically identifying them through internal calculations once stepping on.(Auto-recognition is limited to weight gaps of 4.4lbs or more.)

    weight scale

    High Accurate Sensors

    Four high-precision sensors give you reliable, consistent and accurate measurements. Precision weight sensor provides accurate measurements light to a 0.2lbs / 0.1kg graduation.











    Scale with body fat

    Full Body Composititon Analyzer

    The CHWARES digital body scale tracks weight and BMI, body fat, subcutaneous fat, body moisture, protein and 13 other important physical parameters, to be a master on your health condition.

    Durable Design

    Rounded corners make the scales sleek, tempered glass with ground edges won't hurt your and your family's skin,super durable and safe. 4 non-slip and anti-scratch pads keep the scale platform stable when measuring, prevent slipping and protect your floor .

    Easy to Use and Share

    Easy to use, you can quickly transfer the measured data to mobile phone via Bluetooth,convenient to share the data with your family.

    Scale for body weight
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