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Electric Chainsaws for 8 Inch, Battery Chainsaw, Portable Mini Cordless Chainsaw, Cordless Chainsaw, Garden Pruning, 1 Battery + 1 Saw Chains + Installation Tool

Electric Chainsaws for 8 Inch, Battery Chainsaw, Portable Mini Cordless Chainsaw, Cordless Chainsaw, Garden Pruning, 1 Battery + 1 Saw Chains + Installation Tool

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Brand name Bcamelys
Power source Battery operated
Horsepower 550 Watts
Item weight 1.2 Kilograms

About this item

  • Lightweight Features - This mini chainsaw weighs only about 0.8kg and has a total length of just 36cm/14 inches. The non-slip handle design makes the grip very comfortable. It only takes Charging only takes 1.5-2.5 hours, and the using time is 80-180 minutes (the specific value varies with the actual size and hardness of the wood).
  • Brushless Powered Motor - This chainsaw adopts a brushless motor. Compared with other carbon brush and brush motor chainsaws, Bcamelys brushless motor chainsaws have higher cutting efficiency, lower sound and lower noise. No sparks, long life.
  • Ergonomic Design - The integrated guide plate quickly dissipates heat and is very resistant to falling and abrasion. With non-slip handle design, the grip is very comfortable. The chainsaw switch can adjust the speed according to the force, and you can adjust the cutting speed you need according to the operating conditions.
  • Cordless Chain Saw - This lithium battery cordless chain saw uses a high-quality guide chain that has been deeply hardened to ensure smooth cutting. The wooden teeth design can make the chainsaw stuck on the branches, cutting more efficiently and faster.
  • Wide Application - Can be used for cutting horizontal branches in orchards, household firewood, cutting bamboo trees, saplings, municipal greening projects, whether cutting branches from trees, cutting pipes or making furniture frames, this chainsaw can be used conveniently. You can't cut metal!
  • Product description

    This electric chainsaw uses a high-quality imported steel chain, high hardness, wear resistance and is not easy to break.
    The surface of the chainsaw is deeply quenched and cut quickly to ensure a smooth cut.
    Cold rolled integrated guide plate forged design, no deformation or breakage.
    Intelligent circuit board, multiple automatic protection functions such as charging and discharging protection, over-current protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, etc., to meet your different design requirements.
    Improve cutting efficiency, say goodbye to low efficiency hand saws and solve the problems of high cutting costs and low efficiency of traditional temporary workers.
    It is used for pruning, splitting and logging in orchards and has a wide range of applications. Long battery life, easy cutting of various materials. Specification:
    Product Name: Brushless Hand Saw
    Saw chain material: imported high-quality steel.
    Motor drive: brushless motor.
    Nominal voltage: 220 V.
    Battery voltage: 21 V.
    Product power: 300 W.
    Saw chain speed: 5 m/s.
    Idle speed: 4700 (rpm)
    Chain tooth pitch: 1.5.
    Power supply type: lithium battery technology
    Product category: power tools
    Guide plate length: 8 inches (net length 240 mm).
    Cutting diameter: 17.5 cm (maximum).
    Product net weight: 1.2 kg
    Product advantage: suitable for one-handed operation.
    Package includes:
    1 x chainsaw.
    1 x battery
    1 x charger.
    1 x chain.
    1 x guide plate.
    Gloves x 1 pair.
    1 x user manual.

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