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HUION 420 OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet with Digital Stylus - 4 x 2.23 Inches

HUION 420 OSU Tablet Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet with Digital Stylus - 4 x 2.23 Inches

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Specific Uses For Product personal
Operating System Windows 7 & above, Mac OS 10.12 or later
Screen Size 5.6 Centimeters
Special Feature Extra-Slim
Connectivity Technology USB
Display Type LCD

Product Description


Driver Download and Installation

Driver Download: Please go to Huion official web to download the latest tablet driver (Driver_12.4.2 for Windows user; Driver_12.2.2 for MacOs users).

Driver Installation: Please make sure there is no other brands driver on computer and close all drawing program or protecting program before installation. Please Run As Administrator when installing the driver.

MacOS users need to put software you newly downloaded into white list first to normally use it.


  • Compact and durable


Being easy-to-carry and minimalist in design, 420 pen tablet of minimalist design and 7.5mm in thickness not only brings users more convenience, but also a 4×2.23 inch working area for creating. You can carry it everywhere you want.


  • Delicate and high-efficient


Movement of your pen nib can be accurately captured with the help of 4000LPI pen resolution. The higher the pen resolution value is, the better presentation of each line input will be.


  • Technology Electromagnetic Digitizer


420 graphics tablet is with resolution 4000 LPI, 2048 Levels of pen pressure, Supply Voltage DC5V and Power Consumption 0.35W. It provide you with excellent smooth operation. It is a grate wonderful mouse alternative.


  • Lifelike and smooth strokes


200RPS report rate and 12mm sensing height ensure instant response to pen movements. Each line input is accurately presented, without compromising of the consistency.


  • Meet all you needs


Operation on Windows and Mac OS are supported, with various mainstream drawing and designing software compatible. 420 is created specially for E-signing application, while drawing with the tablet is also supported.


  • Strong compatibility


With 420 electronic signature pad, files edited on Word, Excel and documents of PDF or JPG formats are all compatible with signing function supported by our products.

Package contents:


  • 1 x 420
  • 1 x Battery Pen (AAA battery is not including)
  • 1 x Instruction
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 4 x Pen Nibs
  • 1 x Pen Clip
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