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MP3 Player with Bluetooth 5.3, AGPTEK A19X 2.4" Curved Screen Portable Music Player with Speaker Lossless Sound with FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Built in 32GB, Supports up to 128GB

MP3 Player with Bluetooth 5.3, AGPTEK A19X 2.4" Curved Screen Portable Music Player with Speaker Lossless Sound with FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Built in 32GB, Supports up to 128GB

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Model Name bluetooth mp3 player,mp3 player with bluetooth
Special Feature Voice Recorder, FM Radio
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Memory Storage Capacity 32 GB
Color Blue/Black
Screen Size 2.4 Inches
Compatible Devices Headphone
Media Type TF card
Component Type Memory

About this item

  • 【32GB Large Memory】Built-in 32GB large memory and support up to 128GB TF card. (TF card not Included)It means that you can download thousands of songs and store a lot of files. It will work better with the AGPTEK TF card.
  • 【Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 】AGPTEK MP3 player adopts upgraded Bluetooth 5.3 has better compatibility, stable signal. You can pair the Bluetooth MP3 Player with your Bluetooth wireless headphones or car bluetooth speaker.【Tips: Unable to directly connect to cellphone and car via Bluetooth】[Do not use the Bluetooth function near 2.4 g signal source devices such as base stations and routers, or bluetooth signal interference will be generated.]
  • 【2.4 Inch Large 3D Curved Screen】AGPTEK MP3 player with Bluetooth has a 2.4-inch 3D curved surface is stylish and high resolution, excellent touching with the smooth true-color displaying screen. The metal zinc alloy cover feels more comfortable.
  • 【Lossless Sound Quality】With a professional digital noise reduction chip, the AGPTEK Bluetooth MP3 player can reduce noises to give you the most original sound quality and ensure a high-quality audio experience. Supports the music format like MP3 WMA APE FLAC WAV AAC-LC ACELP and so on.【Note It does not directly support Audiobook and iTunes.】
  • 【Multi-function MP3 player】AGPTEK Multifunctional MP3 player with FM radio, music play, video play, voice record, photo Browsing, E-book(Support TXT Format Only) A-B repeat, alarm clock, calendar, file folders, built-in speaker, time screen-saver, etc. It's a great gift for children, old people or your friends!

    Product Description

    FQA of A19X

    Q: MP3 player can not search for a Bluetooth device or can search for a Bluetooth device, but the connection always fails.

    A: you need to check whether MP3 player bluetooth and your bluetooth devices are turned on. When the devices is turned on, search for and pair the device.

    B: Check whether the Bluetooth device are in pairing state. If it is in pairing state, please disconnect first, then search and pair.

    C: Check if there are too many devices connected to the Bluetooth MP3. If more than one devices is connected, you can delete all the Bluetooth devices in the MP3 Bluetooth pairing list, and then reconnect them.

    D: Check whether the Bluetooth version of the Bluetooth headset or speaker is above 2.1. If not, it may be incompatible.

    Q: After a successful Bluetooth connection, often disconnect and reconnect.

    A: First of all, please confirm the environment of the Bluetooth connection. If it is used near other 2.4G signal sources, or when there are obstacles, such as indoor walls penetration, base stations, routers, high-speed rail, subway, etc., it will be dropped because of signal interference. You can try in an empty place.

    B: The Bluetooth device will be disconnected when the linear distance between it and MP3 exceeds 8-10m, and the back to obstacle distance exceeds 4-5 m. Please use the Bluetooth function within the Bluetooth range of the product

    Product Description

    Better Durability & Stability

    Immersive experience, you deserve it!

    Flash 8/16/32GB Bulit-in Memory:

    Put an MP3 file with a song length of about 4 minutes and a bit rate of 128kbps into the player. 8GB can hold about 1,800 songs, and 32GB can hold about 7,200 songs.

    Compare to the one which only supports card expansion(The machine No Flash cannot be used without inserting the TF card): Just drag your favourite songs onto it when you get the AGPTEK mp3 player. Easy to operate. Not afraid of losing the TF card.

    Why Choose AGPTEK MP3 Player


    • Steady Bluetooth 5.0 Connection
    • Exquisite Exterior: 2.4" curved screen provides a delicate smooth touch.
    • Large Capacity: Built-in 32GB internal memory + up to 128GB TF card.
    • Built-in Pedometer & Speaker: Keep track of the running step at any time. You can listen to your favourite music without headphones
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