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USB Digital Microscope, Lightswim 50x and1000x Mini Pocket Handheld Magnification with HD 1080P 2MP Camera, with 8 LED lights for Smartphone/Tablet/PC (Getting Start up Level, NOT iPhone/iPad, Black)

USB Digital Microscope, Lightswim 50x and1000x Mini Pocket Handheld Magnification with HD 1080P 2MP Camera, with 8 LED lights for Smartphone/Tablet/PC (Getting Start up Level, NOT iPhone/iPad, Black)

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About this item

  • [ 50X to 1000X Magnification ] 2MP camera, 50X-1000X magnification zoom, this Lightswim digital microscope offers you a clear view of objects’ details and enables capture pictures, record video and save these wonderful moment. Nice tool to help your curiosity kids to explore the wonderful micro world. The best focal distance is 3-60mm (0.11-2.36in)
  • [ 12 Pack Slide Collection ] Coming with Plastic materials, it was not as clear as glass, but they are safer for you and it can stimulate people's curiosity about exploring microscopic elements.
  • [ Easy To Use ] Easily operate with the software provided (for free), you can even use it as a measurement tool (only for Windows). One key taking pictures and zoom the objective. For computer software is "smart camera". For android phone app is" inskam".
  • [ 1080P ] The handheld USB microscope camera is made up of high-quality IC and electronic components, with clear image quality, low power consumption, high-resolution etc. advantages. Provides great image quality with 1920x1080 resolution (Only cellphone supports 1920x1080P resolution, video is 720P).
  • [ Explore the Microscopic World ] Widely used to skin inspection, hair inspection, industrial inspection (PCB, material) education purpose, print industrial, textile industrial, biological inspection, jewelry & stamp (collections) inspection. Also, it was perfect gift for kids to explore the microscopic world. May this little tools will give you a scientist, Possible? Possible.

    Product Description

    TENG-MICR-BK31 A+ 1

    Exploring the Hidden Microscopic World

    Lightwim USB digital microscope can work perfectly with Android phones and Tablets. What’s more, the microscope also supports USB interface to connect computers

    The Larger the screen, the better the display and the sharper the image quality.

    Package Contents:

    1 x USB Microscope

    1 x Metal Stand, Instruction

    12 x Pack Slide Collection

    TENG-MICR-BK31 1
    3 Step of Easy Operation

    1.Download the corresponding APP for Android, MAC and computer

    2.Connect the USB or Micro-usb with Android phone or computer

    3.Turn the app or software, take off the cover, then you can get start

    Please read the instruction carefully before use for better result


    • Pixel : 2.0M pixels
    • Image Format : JPG
    • Multiple : 50-1000X
    • Video Format : AVI
    • USB interface type : USB 2.0
    • Focal Length : Manual Focus (3-60mm)
    • Photo Resolution : 1920*1080P/1280*720P/640*480P
    • Support system : Android 4.2+, Windows vista/7/8/10, MacOS X 10.8 or higher

    TENG-MICR-BK31 4

    TENG-MICR-BK31 7-1

    TENG-MICR-BK31 A+ 3-1

    3 IN 1 Compatibility

    This USB Microscope is compatible with Mac 10.8 and later, Windows 7/8/10, iOS 9.0 and later, Android 4.2 and later.


    Widely used to Inspection dissection/examination, Plant dissection/examination, Skin examination, Textile Inspection, Jewelry Inspection, Collections/Coin Inspection, Printing Inspection, PCB or PCBA Inspection and more.

    12Pack Random Color Plastic Materials Slides

    1. Red slides: butterfly wing/ butterfly antenna/ butterfly leg/ locust wing/ locust antenna/ locust leg/ dragonfly wing/ dragonfly abdomen/ dragonfly leg/ honeybee wing/ honeybee antenna/ honeybee leg

    2. Green slides: celery leaf/ corn stem/ lotus root/ cabbage leaf/ pumpkin ovary/ ginger root/ onion epidermis/ burdock root/ carrot root/ cucumber ovary/ sponge gourd stem/ potato starch

    3. Yellow slides: dandelion fuzz/ carnation stem/ tulip pollen/ laver/ lily pollen/ camellia pollen/ sunflower pollen/ bamboo cane/ phlox leaf/ pine tree stem/ veins of holy leaf - agar

    4. Blue slides: goldfish scale/ sardine scale/ plankton egg/ canary feather/ rabbit hair/ cat hair/ horse hair/ cow hair/ sheep hair/ fowl feather/ duck feather/ pigeon feather

    TENG-MICR-BK31 A+ 2
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