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XAXAZON DH-CS02 (Without BOX) Dehumidifier 2300ml Home Dehumidifier Dual Semiconductor and LED Lights - Moisture, Mould Control, White

XAXAZON DH-CS02 (Without BOX) Dehumidifier 2300ml Home Dehumidifier Dual Semiconductor and LED Lights - Moisture, Mould Control, White

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Floor area 480 Square Feet
Colour White
Special feature Dehumidifier
Capacity 2300 Millilitres
Tank volume 2300 Millilitres
Product dimensions 15.2D x 22.5W x 31.2H centimetres
Included Components Instructions for use
Operation mode Comfort

About this item

  • The small dehumidifier uses Peltier technology and its working noise does not exceed 40 dB. It does not affect your daily work and your life, even when you sleep, you can let it run automatically
  • Intelligent Dehumidification Auto Shut-Off: Are you worried that the dehumidifier dehumidifies too much? Our CS02 has an automatic mode that can automatically shut off in ambient humidity below 50% so that it does not overly dehumidify. You can also plan 8/12/24/36/48 hours, and it will stop once the time has elapsed. When the water tank is almost full, it will no longer work, which increases safety
  • Automatic defrosting at low temperatures: when the cooler is used in winter, frost inevitably occurs. Compared to other products on the market, CS02 can significantly shorten the defrosting time through technological innovation. When the surface of the semiconductor freezes, the dehumidification function is exposed. However, the fan continues and the generated heat allows the frost to melt quickly, effectively reducing the time of working interruption
  • Ultra Quiet Sleep Mode: Do you feel wet and sticky when falling asleep at night? At this time, you can put our dehumidifier into sleep mode, keep it dry all night and significantly improve sleep quality. In addition, the noise in this mode is only 39-42 dB, which is very quiet and never disturbs your sleep. (Note: the dehumidification efficiency of sleep mode is slightly lower than other modes.)
  • Humanised design: Do you want to see the dehumidification effect intuitively? Our dehumidifier has a high resolution display that can display ambient humidity, so you can clearly see the moisture changes before and after using the product. Our product has a portable handle for easy movement. The storage space behind the device is used to store the power cord so that it can be stored neatly when not in use. Note: Please check whether the voltage you use meets the requirements on the product nameplate before first use
  • Note - 1) If the device is used in a low temperature environment of 8°C or above 40°C, the performance of the product drops by several degrees according to the product manual or quick label, which also affects moisture detection. The best temperature for using the device is 20 to 30 °C and the best humidity for use is 60 to 80 %. 2) When the device is in operation, it is recommended to keep the room airtight (close windows and doors) as the ventilation environment affects moisture measurement.

    What's in the box?

  • Instructions for use

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    Three-dimensional circulation, better dehumidification effect

    Are you still worried about rainy days? Worried about moist air? Our products use dual semiconductor technology, which has a better condensation effect and a better dehumidification effect, which can effectively improve your quality of life. With choosing the right dehumidifier, you no longer have to worry about getting wet near you.


    Size: 22.5 x 15.25 x 31.2 cm. Weight: 2.3 kg. Water tank capacity: 2300 ml. Power: 65WPower cable length: 1.6 m





    The automatic mode makes you more comfortable

    Usually the human body feels most comfortable when ambient humidity is between 50% and 60%. Therefore, we have developed an automatic mode. In this mode, the dehumidifier captures the humidity of the environment via the humidity sensor and displays it on the display. If the humidity is less than 50%, it will automatically shut down. You don't have to worry about the problems caused by excessive dehumidification

    Three functions that make your life easier

    The portable handle allows you to easily bring it to the desired place; high-definition display that shows the humidity in real time, can be used as a hygrometer; it can be used as an atmosphere light to make you feel warmer at home (there are seven colours to choose from).

    2300 ml drawer style water tank, more convenient for watering water

    Unlike most low-capacity dehumidifiers on the market, our dehumidifier has a large water tank of 2300 ml, so you can store it for several days without watering water. You can remove the water tank with very little effort, so you don't have to worry about water spilling


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