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Yum Asia Kumo YumCarb Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (5.5 Cups, 1 Litre), 5 Rice Cooking Functions, 3 Multi Cooking Functions, 220-240V EU

Yum Asia Kumo YumCarb Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (5.5 Cups, 1 Litre), 5 Rice Cooking Functions, 3 Multi Cooking Functions, 220-240V EU

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Technical Details

Brand Yum Asia
Capacity 1 litres
Product dimensions 27D x 27W x 26H centimetres
Power source Corded Electric
Product care instructions Hand Wash
Colour Dark Stainless Steel - EU
Special feature Advanced Fuzzy Logic
Material stainless steel and thermopolymer
Lid material Stainless Steel
Item weight 2 Kilograms

About this item

  • PERFECT RICE WITH THE PRESS OF THE BUTTON - White Rice / Long Grain Short Grain / Sushi & Brown Rice Settings with Unique Low Carb (YumCarb) Healthy Cooking Function. Multi-stage cooking means perfect texture, taste and aroma
  • ADVANCED FUZZY LOGIC RICE COOKING TECHNOLOGY - automatically adjusting temperature and timings for optimal rice cooking combined with custom-made handy extra options such as steam, porridge, slow cooking settings Includes 24-hour preset timer and keep warm functions
  • HIGH QUALITY 5-LAYER 2mm THICK NINJA CERAMIC COATED INNER COATED - durable, healthy with silk print rice fitting lines for different types of rice. Includes manual, quick start guide, stainless steel steamer basket, rice measuring cup, rice spatula and soup spoon
  • VERSATILE SIZE - capacity of 5.5 cups of uncooked rice (1-5 people), 1 liter, 220-240V, 50Hz with EU Schuko plug. TWO YEAR WARRANTY standard included from the manufacturer

    Product Description

    rice cooker reishunger yum asia yumasia sakura panda bamboo induction ih japan cuckoo fuzzy logic

    220-240V, 50Hz with EU Schuko plug (NEW! )Capacity of 5.5 cups of uncooked rice - enough for 1-5 peopleAdvanced fuzzy logic technologySettings for white/long-grained, short-grained (for sushi) and silverflossUnique 'YumCarb' setting for white and brown rice to reduce the carbohydrate value of rice by up to 25%Useful multi-cooker functions - steam, porridge, , slow cooking setting. ingenStylish industrial dark stainless steel exterior with black lid and pipingHigh quality 5-layer 2 mm Ninja ceramic coated entry24-hour warming function and 24-hour timer functionCountdown timer for 10 minutes rice functionKorean designed 'Smart Button' control panel. Cool ice white bright and bright LED display3D heating technologyOn/off functionDetachable outer steam hood and condensation collection tray for easy cleaningIncludes stainless steel steam basket, measuring cup, spatula and soup spoon. Manual in multiple languages (EN, FR, DE, IT and ES)

    rice cooker reishunger yum asia yumasia sakura panda bamboo induction ih japan cuckoo fuzzy logic

    What makes Kumo special?

    Kumo has a small footprint and a stylish industrial look, but is great in functionality - it s ideal for smaller kitchens, individuals or couples. It might be a small footprint, but we have made sure that functionality is not compromised and packed Kumo full of useful rice cooker features and handy add-on multi-functions. Our advanced fuzzy logic technology regulates the temperature for efficient and perfect cooking of many different types of rice ... you can cook long-grained, short-grained (including sushi and adhesive rice), brown rice (short or long-grained). Kumo not only cooks perfect rice, but also other cereals such as quinoa, couscous, millet and pearl barrel. The additional features include porridge that can be used for rice porridge or oatmeal porridge, slow cooking and steam (including stainless steel steam basket). Kumo is unique because it also has a special 'YumCarb' setting which, when cooked in the stainless steel steam basket, the rice has a lower carbohydrate value up to 25% (based on laboratory tests, a reduction of 25% fewer carbohydrates was displayed in white rice. Certified by Testing Institute of Product Quality Supervision, China).

    Advanced Fuzzy Logic

    Kumo has multiple menu choices that use Micom (micro-computerized) Fuzzy logic technology to control temperature for efficient cooking of many different types of rice, including white rice, short-grained and brown rice, along with our unique YumCarb settings for rice up to 25% less carbohydrates. Kumo is designed to cook rice in 7 different stages to produce perfect rice every time and hold nutrients carefully. These phased preparation and temperature adjustments are controlled using Kumo's fuzzy logic processor and ensure perfectly cooked rice time and time again. Kumo also counts rice cooking for the last 10 minutes so you can see exactly when your rice is ready to serv!

    24 hours warm/timer

    Yum Asia's rice cookers have a 24-hour automatic warming function - it keeps rice at an ideal serving temperature until it's ready to be served. There is a countdown indicator during the cooking cycle and when the rice is cooked, a beep sounds and the cooker automatically switches to stay warm (it may be that the rice dries out after 15 hours). For added convenience, there is a preset timer function that can be set up to 24 hours in advance, so you have delicious rice ready for when you come home from work or tasty, steamy hot porridge waiting for a cold winter morning.

    A healthier way to cook rice

    Kumo has YumCarb settings for both white and brown rice. By cooking rice in the included stainless steel steam basket, the rice is cooked in a special way so that the sugars in the rice are not re-absorbed and the result is that the cooked rice contains up to 25% less carbohydrates. Kumo has a Korean designed 'Smart Button' control panel with an easy-to-use ice white, bright and bright LED display. The buttons have been thoroughly tested for repeated impressions and are abrasion resistant even in the most extreme kitchen conditions. With an added 'off' button, Kumo is easy to put on and off. All this is built in a robust dark stainless steel industrial exterior with a small footprint for space saving in your kitchen, but cooking occasion for 1 to 5 people.

    Ninja Ceramic Bowl

    We designed every aspect of Kumo with our customers in mind; we were tired of customers told us that the inner bowls of their rice cooker would often disintegrate or become unstable. We designed the Ninja bowl to solve these problems, it is a hard wearing, 5-layer inner bowl with a 2mm ceramic coating that is BPA free and PTFE-free, with markings on the inner bowl for different types of rice. The steam cap and condensation collection tray are removable for easy cleaning

    rice cooker reishunger yum asia yumasia sakura panda bamboo induction ih japan cuckoo fuzzy logic

    YumCarb (low carb cooking) and 7 Phased Advanced Fuzzy Logic Control

    Kumo uses advanced fuzzy logic to ensure rice is cooked perfectly every time. The chart above shows how the fuzzy logic microprocessor adjusts the temperature using the weight and detects the heat in the bowl, along with pre-programmed conditions to cook rice according to a typical cooking cycle.

    Kumo also uses 7 cooking stages, including preheat, absorb water, heat, cooking, steaming, cooling and keeping warm with steam, each of which are calculated for time and temperature using the advanced fuzzy logic to create the perfect rice for your meal.

    1. Preheat - Kumo starts to gently heat up the rice and water in the inner bowl to 50-60 C. This starts the cooking cycle and is the key to the release of sugars in the water from the rice grains.

    2. Absorb Water - The cooking temperature is further increased while the advanced fuzzy logic makes small adjustments to create a​Range between 50 - 80 °C, so that the rice can absorb the water optimally depending on the selected setting.

    3. Heating - The temperature is raised again to between 75-85 C to start the actual cooking process. This varies depending on the chosen setting.

    4. Cooking - Kumo quickly increases the temperature to 100 C boiling point to evaporate most of the water from the inner bowl and to partially cook the rice further.

    5. Steam - The steam part of the cooking cycle allows the rice to continue cooking while the sugars in the remaining water are absorbed back into the rice and at the same time the remaining water is evaporated. This part of the cycle ensures that the rice tastes sweeter and more nutritious, has a better aroma / texture and completes the final preparation of rice grains.

    6. Cooling - Water balancing then takes place using cycles in the low temperature range to ensure no water left and that the rice has the right moisture content.

    7. Keep warm and steaming - The temperature is then kept at an optimal 70-75°C to keep the rice steaming and protecting the rice from bacteria etc. This ensures that the rice is perfectly cooked, airy and delicious and ready for whenever you need it.

    The YumCarb rice cooking function is unique to Kumo. This is rice with a lower carbohydrate value than conventional cooked rice. By placing the rice in the stainless steel YumCarb basket, the rice is immersed in water at the beginning of the cooking cycle. On the first activation, the display shows 0:20 (or 0:40 for brown rice) and will remain so during the first 20/40 minutes of the cooking cycle. During this time, Kumo gradually increases the temperature in the unit to the optimal temperature to cook away the excess water. This process gives the starch time to leach from the rice and release​Break (starch is easily soluble). The starchy water runs down through the holes in the YumCarb basket, which means that the starches sucked in the water cannot be re-absorbed into the rice. The rice is ready to cook during the last 20 minutes of the cooking cycle - Kumo starts with countdown. This last stage of the cooking cycle is crucial as the rice is steamed in a lowered carbohydrate state, reducing their levels in the rice by up to 25%

    rice cooker reishunger yum asia yumasia sakura panda bamboo induction ih japan cuckoo fuzzy logic

    Healthy Ceramic Entry Coating

    rice cooker reishunger yum asia yumasia sakura panda bamboo induction ih japan cuckoo fuzzy logic
    Advantages of our ceramic coating technology

    Kumo has a ceramic-coated 'Ninja hard' inner bowl, 2 mm with a special 5-layer compound to ensure long-lasting performance time and time again. The ceramic layer ensures that your food is cooked healthy for you and your family and, more importantly, that it is incredibly non-stick coating.

    • BPA-free
    • PTFE and PFOA free
    • 5-layer non-stick composition
    • 3D heating
    • 2mm ceramic coating

    Discover the Kumo Ninja ceramic indoor bowl

    Ninja Hard for Lasting Performance

    Customers often told us that their usual rice cooker indoor bowls would disintegrate or become unstable after several times use. We designed the Ninja bowl to overcome these problems and be as healthy as possible. Made to last, each Ninja ceramic bowl has easy-to-read silk printed rice cooking values for healthy and accurate cooking.

    • Durable / no flaking
    • Healthy Safe Cooking
    • Excellent Thermal Performance
    • Stainless Steel Steam Basket
    • Silk printed rice levels for easy reading

    Premium, healthy and unique rice cooking features

    rice cooker reishunger yum asia yumasia sakura panda bamboo induction ih japan cuckoo fuzzy logic

    rice cooker reishunger yum asia yumasia sakura panda bamboo induction ih japan cuckoo fuzzy logic

    rice cooker reishunger yum asia yumasia sakura panda bamboo induction ih japan cuckoo fuzzy logic

    Kumo - A Healthier Way to Cooking Rice

    Kumo has a robust 'Smart Button' control panel with an easy-to-read cool, ice white, bright and bright LED display. Thoroughly tested for repeated pressing, the buttons are hard-wearing in even the most extreme kitchen conditions and can be easily wiped off for good hygiene.

    With your Kumo you will receive a rice measuring cup that allows you to easily measure the rice to cook exactly the amount of rice you need. You get a rice spatula with dimpled surface to help serving rice. A stainless steel steam basket to place above the rice you're cooking, perfect for steaming vegetables and other foods, but more importantly, provides healthier rice with lowered carbohydrates. Kumo comes with an attached EU Schuko power cord.

    Small Footprint - Ideal Capacity - Great Features

    Kumo is perfect for single, couples or families (1-5 people) with its small footprint 5.5 rice cup capacity.

    White / long grain,Short-grained (for sushi) rice brown rice steaming vegetables etcPap (oats, rice)Can function as a slow cookerYumCarb (low carb) white and brown settings

    Designed by people who know rice cooking

    "We are the rice cooking experts!"

    At Yum Asia, we love Asian food but found that the biggest problem is we couldn't replicate the perfect rice we found when we were in restaurants! No matter how hard we tried, rice cooked in a pan was just not the same. After some very disastrous purchases of non-fuzzy logic rice cookers, which instead of cooking the perfect rice we were looking for, simply spit out starchy water over our kitchen top, we bought a fuzzy logic rice cooker and that changed the way we cook. From 2006, we thought up the term 'Perfect rice at the touch of a button'.

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